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Dish Network Reviews

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  • Complaint

    I am trying to get my Granny's dish cancelled due to the fact that she can not get reception where the apt. complex rules of where it can be placed. She is 83 years old and lives in a retirement community. The early termination fee is is $160 which is ridiculous because she has no control over where she can have it put. All I want is for her not to be charged for something she has no control over and now Dish is charging her for the box to send the equipment back. Really!!! More...
  • Charges

    Canceled services 6/25/14 due to moving and reported new address. Was charged for months I was no longer at residence and months service should have been terminated. Was charged a cancellation fee twice so they could keep money they owe me of $86 dollars and are stating I still owe money. Have dealt with them in four occasion for same issue being told they would fix but nothing is being done More...
    (Cable TV)
  • pay per view movie

    On July 6th I rented a movie -Winter' Tale --but AFTER I paid for it, the movie had already been on for an hour. I figured well I will get to watch it once more since I PAID and I had no choice about WHEN to watch it. Now, I'm VERY ANGRY about this as I WASTED MY HARD EARNED MONEY. It was about 4 to 5 AM when I ordered the movie. OH and one more thing, I have no reason to lie about this. When I paid for the movie, I looked at when it started and I had missed ONE HOUR of it. You expect ME to pay for a pay per view movie and to miss AN HOUR OF IT? This is a robbery and a total... More...
  • Final Payment/Equiptment Return

    I've been in contact with this company since 6/20 and have received no help at all from the inside employees. The filed tech. Jeremy and EF8 at the loyalty service were great. You are unable to speak to a supervisor, the employees are rude on the phone and, they switch you to another line at the drop of a hat. All I wanted to do was speak to someone intelligent enough to answer my questions but could not find those people except for the two people mentioned above. I need help settling my final bill with this company and I want to return my equipment in person as to avoid any... More...
  • customer service/account

    I am extremely upset with the customer service I have received from DISH. We have service in two locations, one at my brother's house and the other at mine. When he requested the service at the house he bought, the tech hooked everything up and my brother paid for all the equipment. However they put the billing for the service on my account, we have been separating the bill to the best of our knowledge and paying. I have numerous times and ask they separate, but to no avail. Now they called this week to inform me and I can not have service at two addresses on one bill and cut the... More...
  • I want my promised 30 day guarantee

    ADVERTISEMENT Sales rep lied and tricked me to sign up for service - 30 day satisfaction guarantee It has been a week into signing up for Dish Network . I was told on the phone I had a 30 day risk free trial period and I could cancel without any changes within the 30 day grace period. I was also told to call back and they would "bundle" price Internet service for me for an additional 19.99. I was told to sign a tiny computerized box after installation. I already had several "black outs" and interrupted service. When I called back to add Internet for 19.99, they... More...
  • billing

    im really disappointed with dish cause of the fact the im a old custermer with dish and I put internet so when I spoke to someone they never told me about that I had to pay 1month of advance so I called cause when I seen on my page that my bill was high I call customer service no lie they hung up on me 4 times beside I spoke to 3 supervisers which 1 of them didn't not now what to tell me and sentme to another superviser and that hung up I try to much which they told me they cant do a discount cause it already comes like that but yet the last superviser told me I can discount only $5... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Credit Qualification

    Re-sub: Corrected some typos I had Dishnet satellite service in my home for the last 20 years (we changed names several times between my wife and myself) in California. About 6-7 months ago, I canceled the service since my house was being remodeled and moved to a apt (where I got Coamcast). About a week ago, when I returned to the house, I contacted Dish for a connection. They told me that based on information I provided, they can NOT offer me the discount, since they can NOT qualify me. I have lock on all my credit records (which I unlocked for them to get a credit report). I checked... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Credit Qualification

    I had Dishnet satellite service in my home for the last 20 years (we changed names several times between my wife and myself) in California. About 6-7 months ago, I canceled the service since my house was being remodeled and moved to a apt (where I got Coamcast). About a week ago, when I returned to the house, I contacted Dish for a connection. They told me that based on information I provided, they can offer me the discount, since they can qualify me. I have lock on all my credit records (which I unlocked for them to get a credit report). I checked with all 3 credit reports, I have... More...
  • Price increase

    When I signed up for Dish one year ago, I signed up online via chat. The rep told me what my montly rate would be for the first year. I said I did not want to sign up if my monthly cost would increase in one year when I had a two year contract. I was informed all I had to do was to call and they would continue my starting rate for the entire two years. Now, it has increased by $10 and when I called all I was told was it was going to increase again by $15. I was lied to and want out of my contract. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Refund Check

    After 7 years we canceled Dish Network in March 2013. We shipped the equipment back and Dish agreed they owed us a $451 refund as a result of minor over payments through the years. Dish said a check was to be issued. We called again on June 21, 2013 again Dish said the check was to be issued and we should receive it in 5 to 7 business days. As of July 17, 2013 of course, We have not received a check. Place Carrollton, TX More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Termination Fees

    My husband and I recently moved out into the country and started a DISH account with tv and internet. Our previous house also had DISH, but since our son (who bought our house) wanted DISH, we decided to leave that account and he would continue the payments. Today he decided he didn't want to continue with DISH, and now we are being charged early termination fees. I escalated my chat to the legal department who would only cut the fee in half from $262.50 down to $131.25. Should our son be obligated to a contract he didn't make? Our intention was to assist DISH in keeping our... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Lack of service/want refund

    Many night for more than a month...NO reception MULTIPLE calls. They never even recorded them! Hung up on. Told problem was my TV. Told it was the weather (on a clear night). Told couldn't help me without a security code. Told by an "advanced technician" with an Indian accent that a technician would come out next day. NEVER CAME. Finally, after many nights with NO TV reception AT ALL for my disabled husband, the technician came. Turns out the Dish DVD/box is defective and there was wiring problems on the roof by the dish. I asked for the 2 months that we were... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Receiver

    I have dish service in vacation home in Friendship,Wisconsin. The service was put in in Feb. of 2013. It worked fine that day. I came back on May 7th and the receiver could not acquire a signal. I tried everything they suggested, power down, check connections,cabling, would not acquire a signal. I called Dish's 800 number and I got technician Hector ( ID # BX7 ). I told him what I did and he asked me what the receiver is doing. I told him it keeps turning itself of and on. He told me we need a new receiver. We were starting to go through the process of getting a new receiver... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Poor customer service

    Have been a Dish customer for approx 3 years. a few months back I started getting signal loss and a window would pop up informing me of reacquiring signal over and over. Then it got to be an error with the receiver switch. Several calls to the help desk are infuriating as they all have you run through the same prompted song and dance. The help desk people have no clue whatsoever. I am a retired engineer who work with NASA designing, testing and implementing satellite control centers. As with internet companies, I have my end and not theirs. The worst part is their help desk folks are in... More...
  • Awful internet service-scam contract

    This is the most appalling 'service' that I have ever endured. I am unable to use ANY 'real-time' services, including SKYPE, or to stream movies etc. I now discover that I have "exceeded" my monthly allocation & my internet speeds have been throttled back. I do NOT play online games or download movies. HOW could I have exceeded my allowance? This is totally unacceptable. I am paying approximately $60 monthly to suffer frustration and sub-standard connectivity. The connection has been installed for 2 months. I have contacted tech support previously... More...
  • contract no fulfilled by dishnetwork

    i am suppose to be able to connect to the tv to the internet to access blockbuster on demand and dish video on demand. but the hd receiver does not connect. the tech could not get this ethernet cable to work -- maybe that is why. tech support agreed that i was mislead by online sales. i have the transcript for the online sale. i was told that dvr was optional. i would have all services offered in package only without recording capability. apparently i received the wrong hd. there are other hd receivers that do connect to the internet without the dvr service according to tech... More...
  • internet

    Please keep in mind, we are a painting and carpet cleaning company that relies heavily on internet for work, and communication between our employees. We have ResNet (a local internet company). Even though we have signed with DishNet for internet, it is so inconsistent, that we have not gotten rid of ResNet, because we must have internet for work. 12-14-12 I took half day off work for install of internet. No one showed up, no one called. (I lost about $100 worth of work) 12-18-12, I take another half day off work for internet install. Supposed to be here between 8 - 12pm.... More...
  • Termination of contract without CONSENT

    Here is the sequence of events that occurred with me – 1. I got into a DISH contract for 2 years around Dec’2011 and my Account number is 8255909638386679 and I was back in Atlanta then. Problem started when I decided to Seattle in Dec’2012. Before starting from Atlanta I called a Dish CSR to check about their Movers process. The CSR told me they would send a technician to my new address in Seattle to do the set up. Then I enquired in case if the technician is not able to get proper signal for whatever reasons then what will happen and the CSR told me then we will take... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Customer Service

    I signed on with Dish Network in March 2012 after 3 years with DirectTV. Dish sent a local contractor to install the system and it had a lot of potential with lots of features, but from the beginning the system would scramble the picture and sound at the end of every program, no matter what the channel. I contacted Dish and they sent out the same contractor that installed the system. After a few visits he finally swapped put the Hopper/Joey, replaced some wires, replaced some components at the dish itself. This did not solve the problem. He said I needed to call Dish and have a Dish Tech... More...
  • Unfair billing

    This ticket has been resolved or replied to by this company. We use Dish Month to Month plan. We pay $85 a month for service. If it is late by more than 24 hours they turn off service. We paid our $85 Oct 27th for the month. Now our billing date is the 18th and our service was off for a week. On November 21st our service was shut off. I knew we lost 6 days but was ill, didnt argue. Paid $85 on November 30th for a months service and am getting shut off notice for 48 hours! It's been 17 days! When I called they informed me that it doesn't matter if your service is off or when you pay after the billing date you are billed for those... More...
  • customer service

    This ticket has been resolved or replied to by this company. Dish network customer reps are so incredibly rude! I pay almost $80/month, and have for several years. My receiver suddenly stopped working for the last two days. I get zero channels. Just a screen with an error! When I call to inquire about it, the soonest anyone could fix it was 8-10 days from now. When I asked if it could be sooner, the voice on the phone was so degrading and brusque. The first person transferred me to his manager, who was the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISRESPECTFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE REP I've ever spoken with. This man actually had the audacity to yell at me and tell... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • The Walking Dead

    This ticket has been resolved or replied to by this company. I love the walking dead and so do my friends and we all are going to drop dish for direct tv unless you get amc or just a channel with the walking dead on it. I hate you dish i was waiting 2 months for the walking dead season 3 to come on air and you dont carry amc are you F*#!ing kiddind me fix this now or be prepared for thousands of people to drop your service More...
    (Cable TV)
  • very poor service during cancel process

    ((below is a copy of my post to got frustrated with paying for 250 chanels and watching 3, called in late june,2012 to cancel, talked to rep over phone and got all info to cancel, ie no extra fees and account would be credited for current amount due as soon as the equip was recieved,rep said accnt was canceled and i would recv the return box in 7-10 days. No box in 2 wks. called back in mid july to inquire, rep stated account was not canceled and there was no record of my contact but he would be glad to take care of it for me, went through the whole process again... More...
  • AMC

    I am a 12 year Dish customer paying $137 and change a month and was shocked to learn that you had suspended your relationship with AMC. I had the new season of Breaking Bad set to record and when I got back from vacation found that AMC is no longer on Dish! This is not the only complaint I have about your company. your premium DVRs are only for new customers?!? This is how you reward customer loyalty? The DVR in our master bedroom was breaking down for two years. The hard drive was going bad and by the end of two years was so loud that it nightly woke us up at three am and one of us would... More...
  • canceling AMC

    I watch AMC which many other users do so this is crazy you could charge extra for the channel or something just so we dont get Everyone that LOve's this channel to not be able to watch their series several Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, tc, this is crazy that you would do this and their are so many other companies that we can change to and will doing this too if you cannot figure something out.. charge extra for the channel whatever just so we can watch our series or you will not have many many customers, they all will be changing to another company. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Dish World IPTV problem

    I have Dish network IPworld for international package for Hindi Channel. I started this service last month in March. I have been bufferring problem on Sony channel. All other channels work fine. I contacted customer service told them to cancel the contract. This is the channel I watch the most. They told me to wait few days. Second time I called they said the refund period was 2 weeks and they will charge cancelation fees now. I asked them either give me sony channel service or get me out of contract. I have called couple of times after that, no results and same answer, that they know the... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • poor service

    Dishonest Throughout - DISH NETWORK LIES Astonishing deals and prices that are not true. Dish network has very poor customer service.First day the technician was to arrive he did not show, The second day the technician arrived late and did not have the correct equipment and had to return back to the shop to get the proper equipment.After the technician installs the right equipment, I question some of the channels, he told me I had to call tech support that he was in a hurry and could not wait My mistake was to let him leave before everything was satisfactory .After a while I got a hold of... More...
  • Horrible Policies

    Earlier this month my debit card had an unauthorized charge so my bank reissued me a new debit card with a new number. A day or so before this happened I purchased a sling-box from Dish. A day after this happened I remembered my auto pay with Dish and gave them a call to inform them of the new debit card number. Bad policy number one: Dish required me to make an early payment because if I want to change debit cards I had to make a payment. I asked why and was told that its a Dish policy. Fast forward a few weeks to two days ago. My wife realized that her mobile connect wasn't working... More...
  • Bad Business

    I am writing to complain about the removal of a Dish from roof of my home which left holes in the roof and has caused water damages to my ceiling. In July 2009 I opted to switch from Dish Network to another vender for one of those All-in-One package. Dish Network never called to schedule the removal of the dish from my roof and I never notice that it has been removed. A couple of weeks before the Christmas holidays I notice a water stained ceiling and called the roofing company who had replaced my roof in February 2009 to come out and check his work. The owner of the roofing company... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • very bad business practice

    Pulling 551.00 out of my checking account after 3 different customer service agents told us we didn't need to send our equipment back. We have all conversations recorded and so does Dish. They drafted 551.00 from my account on Christmas Eve. I will be telling all of my listeners about it on my morning radio show in Austin. I will be playing all of my conversations with dish network customer service employees including Christain from the Phillipines. More...

    I signed up in July with a promo of free movie channels for 3 months and was told by one of your Customer Service Reps that after the 3 months I would have a bill increase of about $20. Turns out that not only did you not notify me that the 3 month time frame was up, I did not get the chance to cancel the channels OR decide to keep them, and I was billed a prorated amount for Oct thru Dec. In addition to that I NEVER received what I was promised and that was Blockbuster by Mail for 90 days....which you technically still owe me. Your Executive office people were rude and nasty and even... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • shipping fees

    I had been a loyal Dish customer for several years. It just got to a point that I could not afford it, so I cancelled service and returned equipment in the provided boxes. I can't see why I am later sent a bill for $31 on this transaction.You cannot expect me to pay this after years of paying my bill. Have an installer pick it up if you can't afford to pay the return shipping, Dish Network. It's not my problem that you have no local offices. There has to be a better way. If this isn't resolved, I can't in good faith return as a customer when I am back on my feet... More...

    I AM SO OVER THE SNEAKY ADD ONS TO OUR MONTHLY BILLS - EIGHT MONTHS AND NOT ONE MONTH HAVE I NOT HAD TO WRITE TO THEM. WE HAVE A 24 MONTH CONTRACT FOR A GUARANTEED AMT OF $59.91 (WHICH IS ALSO $3.00 MORE THAN THE WRITTEN CONTRACT THEIR AGENT DID FOR US PER OUR REWQUEST WHEN we signed up. And last week again, they charged us $6.oo more = no reason, no warning, no ExcusES.. I am done with this, they have done illegal things that I have a list of other consumers ready to go to state and fed agencies with me to report them. I have given them 8 months to fix this and now they went to far.... More...
  • Annoyed

    I ordered my Dish network service in March 2010 through GWDISH. The order was for one dual room HD DVR receiver and one regular receiver. When the installer came to my home, he choose to install a regular dual room DVR receiver instead of an HD receiver. When I noticed the problem 3 days after the install I called Dish and informed them of the problem. Dish network representatives told me that since I am asking for an upgrade I have to pay $110 for upgrade. I told them that this problem is caused by the person who came for the install but the CSR told me nothing can be done now and if I... More...
    (Cable TV)


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