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Dish Network Reviews

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  • Dish Network billing sucks

    I recently called Dish to get another receiver at first i was very upset because the customer service rep told me that either i renew my two year contract or pay so very high amount after speaking to a supervisor i was transferred to another department and he was able to quote me a better amount for the equipment. Okay so the technician came and hooked up the equipment and everything was fine until i received my bill. Now at first i thought the amount was a little strange $20.97 because my new bill should have been $77.00 but it had so added of this amount and subtracting of that amount so... More...
    (Cable TV)
    sylv1234's Picture   sylv1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • Was told one thing and then couldn't back it

    I called Dish Network to get my promotion. When I called at first I was told I would get 15 dollars off my bill for the next two years on a price lock. Then I was told if I do auto pay I would get another 5 bucks off. I thought I already do this, why not get the extra discount. Well my phone hung up on them and I called back and the next person I talked to I explained what I was told. They could not give me what the first guy told me. They could only give me the 15 dollars off. I am so tired of companies telling you one thing and then not giving it to you. I let a manager hear about it but... More...
    zachmallory15's Picture   zachmallory15    0 Comments   Comments

    Within the 15 minutes of the install I wanted the service cancelled. I called within 15 minutes of install to cancel service but agreed to let them TRY to fix the problem. Within 7 hours of the install I wanted the service cancelled again. I was transferred to the President's office where SONYA informed me there was NO 24 hour money back gauranty. From the time of install I was locked into a TWO YEAR CONTRACT with a $480.00 cutoff charge. Within two weeks of install I had to call for service for a BAD HDMI cable. I will be charged $15.00 for this service call even though it was THEIR... More...
    (Cable TV)
    pdragon17's Picture   pdragon17    0 Comments   Comments
  • dish network

    I had a leak from dish satellite on my roof Alex jones treated my husband and I so rude and we asked for report why they were not going fix it he said no been a customer for over 11 years never never have I had some one treat us the way he did don't know why he still has a job at dish due to the way he spoke to me enough were I was crying we will be going to a new company sorry dish network but if that's the way u treat ur long time customers we want no part of that life to short for a person to be so rude and ugly I thought we were the customers More...
    (Cable TV)
  • dishperks. contest

    I won a 2 day trip off dishperks. i am disabled. can't go on long trips. my daughter has had leukemia. so i told her she could take my place. day after day dish said they would call me and let me know if that would be okay. they didn't call. i had til friday to mail out info. they called wed. and said they had given the trip to someone else. Sandra More...
    reallymadmom's Picture   reallymadmom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Internet and gb

    I have been a customer of dish for years,well finally we got internet where we live and they were nice setting it up and selling it to me over the phone when i called and i thought ok still service i respect.Well now within 1 week and half gb are gone and grandkids didnt know it and used the 3ds's to go online to facebook and within 4 hours of having it installed and grandkids using the 3ds it used half of the 10 gb's witch is nuts when they didnt even play games.And then to make matters a whole lot worse my bill just for dish and a few movies i rented was $168.00 i can deal with... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    fiestylisa's Picture   fiestylisa    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish network snow bird account frustrations.

    I have a snowbird account with two receivers--one at each of our homes. I call Dish when we travel from one home to the other. Each time I explain our situation (as I had been instructed to) and request that our address be changed to the other home. Along with this request I always tell the representative from what city the home channels are to originate. About 40% of the time upon arrival I find that the home channels have not been correctly changed to the appropriate city. This requires a second call. Since we travel a couple of times a month to these homes it becomes frustrating... More...
  • Dish needs to offer upgrades

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. i have dish network and have had it for around 10 years and still have the original basic dvd style equipment. i just renewed my contract for my cell phone and got a new one free and original cost is over $500 seems to me that if dish wants my loyalty for another year or two or three thay would give me a new hopper More...
    jj72ny's Picture   jj72ny    3 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network Hopper issues

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. 1st issue: Skip is erratic! maybe 30seconds? 1 second? 1 hour? 2nd: skips to live on its own when close to live. This requires skipping back to view skipped content. That casuse issue 1 again. 3rd: No Over the Air! Sacramento Local networks are not up on Dish often when it rains, with no OTA you will be disconeccted from any Local emergency broadcast as well as your local programming. 4th: Cant watch tv if in the Tv mode on your remote. Big warning for remote retards blocks your program. I need this for listening without surround. Remote needs to stay in TV to adjust for loud... More...
    Dishtrapped's Picture   Dishtrapped    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hopper Sling adapter does not work outside of local network

    I just purchased Dish Network and the hopper DVR package with the Sling adapter. I am very happy with everything except the Sling Adapter. the issue is that it only works when you are connected to it from your local internal network. I contacted support for the issue thinking I must have the wrong holes in my firewall to allow the correct access, but I found out that it is a known issue. I am very pissed off because when I called dish to add the device, I was not notified of any current issues, and when I contacted support, I asked how they will notify me of issue updates and resolution... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    cjsmith11's Picture   cjsmith11    1 Comments   Comments
  • Loss of AMC

    I have been a customer of Dish Network for over 16 years. Suddenly- without notice- I found I no longer had AMC and can not watch my favorite shows. What am I paying $100.00 a month for? Maybe Dish Net. should have asked their customers what they wanted to watch before making assumtions and taking away programs. There are alot of channels they should have gotten rid of but not AMC. If this is not resolved quickly I will be forced to close my account with Dish Network. Come On Dish Network - restore our programing to include AMC and do what is right for your customers. More...
    (Cable TV)
    wendyh's Picture   wendyh    0 Comments   Comments
  • New Hopper and "upgrade"

    I have been a customer of Dish for 15 years and have 7 pieces of equipment in my house. I inquired today about the possibility of replacing my current equipment with the new "Hopper". I was informed there would be an upgrade fee of $100 each for two Hoppers. I feel this is not right since I will not own the equipment and already pay quite a bit monthly for their service. I would take the service if it didn't require the upgrade fee. More...
    watty32's Picture   watty32    6 Comments   Comments
  • Supervisor from Hell

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I had a hard drive fail in the bedroom 722, they quickly sent out a replacement unit. The fan on the replacement unit would come on at night, probably when it was updating, but would never turn off. If we reset the box, unplug/plugin, in the morning, fan would stay off until the next night and then start all over again. The unit is on a dresser in a room that is 55 to 60 degrees and is in standby mode from 6am until 3pm. First level support said it was normal for the loud fan to run all the time, I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to Tabatha ID# IAY, she asked me the... More...
    bayhuntr's Picture   bayhuntr    1 Comments   Comments


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