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Dish Network Reviews

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  • Installation of Dish customer

    I recently talked to James a "manager" in Texas, (after being hung up on twice by the service reps), who was extremely rude, constantly interrupting me and refusing to listen. My complaint was that I was scheduled for connection service in the afternoon and was told that I would receive a call in the morning specifying the time window. I received a call and an email at 10am saying the installer would arrive between 12pm and 1:15pm and would call one hour prior to his arrival. At 1245 I received another call and email saying I had been rescheduled and the installer would arrive... More...
    (Cable TV)
    justry50's Picture   justry50    0 Comments   Comments
  • Attempted to get a new account with Dish after my divorce

    I called Dish to set up a new account after my divorce as the previous account was his. I was told that I could not open an account because his account was still listed at my address. So I contacted my ex husband who called Dish to give them his new address and transfer his services ... Apparently he owes them a past due balance so they refused to update his account with his new address. I call Dish again letting them know he has attempted to change his address but was denied due to his past due balance therefor they are unable to provide me with an account until my ex husband pays his... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Junebug45's Picture   Junebug45    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulent information to get you to sign up for Dish Network Service.

    We contacted Dish Network last fall (Sept 2013) about switching from Direct TV. We were given an attractive price and we were told by the salesperson that we could use our receivers in our motorhome, just as we had done with Direct TV. We are getting prepared to leave for an extended period of time, and now find out that this is not true. Before we signed up we had asked this question repeatedly because we wanted to transfer our package to the motorhome and were told there would be no problem in doing so.. Now we find out we cannot do this, and we need to purchase two more special... More...
    cherkroll's Picture   cherkroll    0 Comments   Comments
  • cut my internet line

    everything seem like it was great but when i paid for my internet be reconnected I found out the tech. that connected our cable cut the line. I had to pay our internet provider to fix it and dish would not credit my account they said they had no proof humm go back and listen to the call you can hear my husband yelling on account of how pissed he was More...
    (Cable TV)
    jodystory's Picture   jodystory    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lied to get me to switch from direct tv

    I was told by sales rep that I would get the 30$ off my bill per mo for first year. Then I said that I would stick with direct tv the salesman {LIAR} said he would be able to give me a ipod mini if I switched today! I agreed and when I called after the installment I was informed that they could not keep the deal and the sales rep was misinformed.That is a false promise and I am not a lawyer but should be agaist LAW More...
    (Cable TV)
    here2grind's Picture   here2grind    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish network complaint

    I had to move from where I was living and cancelled my dish service. I have been trying to get Dish Network to work with me to setup payment arrangements to pay the early termination fees. After having a repeated number of agents tell me someone would call me back from the collection dept, Dish decided to take all of the money out of my account at one time well over $700. When I called furious and tried to speak to them about refunding it, I was informed that Dish does not accept payment arrangements. WTF? Are u serious in this economy a company that will not work with u to pay off a debt.... More...
    Good2bme21's Picture   Good2bme21    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish network non refund for my account.

    I discontinued my service in December of last year, mailed all the equipment with return confirmation and also received a email from dish stating that they had received everything. It is now going into March and I am do a refund. I have called into Dish customer service center twice and was told that my refund would be in the mail in a few days. It's been 2 weeks again and nothing. What's the problem? More...
    sidcjr's Picture   sidcjr    0 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertising First Customer Promotions

    I am a new customer to Dish Network. I signed up for the $19.99/month promotion they offer new customers for the first year of the two year contract. Specifically I told the technician that that's what I wanted when I called. I recieved a bill of $64.03 and called the company whom did nothing but try to sell me more things that I didn't want and not listen to me. A couple months later I received mail from them with the promotion cost on it and thus emailed them. I still got nothing to my satisfaction. A week ago I emailed again threatening to discontinue my contract and file for... More...
    anonymous95's Picture   anonymous95    1 Comments   Comments
  • DishNet is doesnt work extremely slow

    I currently have my home Internet through DishNet. Service lacks stability and wife does not work on the router I was issued. This router has been replaced but to no avail. Still not working I was told to buy my own router. If I only use the Internet for their boxes I might be able to watch 3 movies a month through the on demand section. All I want is it canceled but they want me to pay $350 to do so. I was never told it was a contract and I never signed one either More...
    hoover1001's Picture   hoover1001    0 Comments   Comments
  • dish tv olympic channel availability

    called dish 2x Friday night 2/14/14 to ask what channel will cover Men's Hockey Olympic game Saturday 2/15/14. Spoke to 2 reps individually stating channel 2 would cover the games on our Dish programming. It took an hour between both phone calls to get an answer. Got up early 2/15 to watch the game, NOTHING. Called back Dish 2/15 and was told by another rep that we could not get the game due to programming restrictions. Will cancel and switch back to Time Warner when the contract runs out. If I cancelled Dish TV now it would cost me $100. Dish should pay for the switch. More...
    (Cable TV)
    sinn's Picture   sinn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish is charging me for a returned item

    I had Dish Network in my home with Blockbuster home account that is much like Netflicks. I cancelled Dish and returned the appropriate equipment and the DVD from Blockbuster. Months later I recieved a bill for $21. I called DISH and stated that it was returned and I had confirmation email. The rep checked, confirmed what I said and told me the issue was resolved. Now one year later, I get a collection letter for the samne $21. I dispute with the collection agency and they sent a confirmaiton of debt letter. Once I was told the issue was handle last year, I deleted the email and shreaded the... More...
    mpf0304's Picture   mpf0304    0 Comments   Comments
  • I was given a credit

    In December I received a bill via email stating I owed $139.27and when I called to see why my bill went from $80.64 to this amount they said I was being charged for movie channels that I asked to be removed from me account. The CSR told me I would be given a credit of $55.00 back in my bank account. After 2 weeks I still hadn't received my money back I called again and apparently the 1st CSR dropped the ball and didnt add the $ credit back in my bank account, so the other CSR apologized put me on hold when she returned to the phone she said I woukd receive refund back in my account in... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Sherrysmith's Picture   Sherrysmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service reps lied to me...

    I am so disappointed in my internet and the people at dish network who lied to me to get me to sign up for it in the first place. When I was signing up I was told 10gb (the only option available in my area) was a lot of data. The reason for signing up to internet in the first place was so I could update my xbox1 and the games however the other day which was only 5 days in to my second month I had already used up my 10gb and I still do not know what I did that used up all my data I needed to do an update on one of my games which uses 13gb on one update! I could pay the $10 fee per gb to do... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Fuckdishnet's Picture   Fuckdishnet    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rep shoving Home protection plan & other promo

    After a 4 hr. trip, I came home to find a bill from Dish Network who I have replaced with Direct TV on August 30, 2013. The bill was for two Unreturned Equipment which I returned in October and was confirmed received through an email sent to me on 10/23/13 & 10/29/13. I called and after speaking to a customer service who verified my info such as name & address etc. now wants to get my email so she can send some promo. I said I do not need the promo and to hear the reason for the call. Instead, she started on this Home protection plan which I said, I do not need, to cut it short... More...
    ecwin25's Picture   ecwin25    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dish sent my "bill" to collections after telling me twice I had no bill

    In august of this year I called dish and asked them to come to my home and set up a dish. The guy came out(after cancelling twice, once which he was a no show/no call) after trying for a few hours he was not able to get a signal anywhere due to so many trees near our home, he advised us to call dish and cancel and explain the reason. I called dish and the lady cancelled my account and said there would be no charges at all to me because we never actually had dish. A few weeks later i received a bill so i went on dish site and spoke to someone on dish chat who assured me i had no bill since i... More...
    aehm's Picture   aehm    0 Comments   Comments
  • dish tv is a pain when it comes to billing info

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. They make it sooooo difficult to change billing info. I switched to another bank and call to give them the new info. i was told i had to pay the bill which was NOT due yet inorder to updaye my billing info. this is crazy and time consuming and I cannot wait until my time is up with them.....also i wanted to move my billing date later in the month and that cannot be done either. More...
    (Cable TV)
    lulu22uu's Picture   lulu22uu    2 Comments   Comments
  • dish newtwork -can't update payment method online costing me money!!

    i have attempted several times to change my payment method online by changing my card number.It isn't being accepted even after it shows that i successfuly edited the information.Dish charged the old card number the following month which has really caused problems for me.So i got back online and tried to instead,update the routing and account number info to my current ..And again the message claims it was updated successfully.The next month dish charged my old account AGAIN thusly creating some even worse problems for me..that old account NEVER has enough for my dish bill,as... More...
    rickyagnew's Picture   rickyagnew    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misleading Advertising and pricing guarantee

    I signed up for Dish and they made it very hard for the consumer to understand that in order for you to get your discounts you need to go online and click this box and this box as such. Well after I finally got the right boxes checked and talking with the rep she stated that the 2nd year my price would increase about $10.00 . Well as it went the price went up $30 and I just received an email stating there will be another $5 increase starting 2014. Lesson learned and as soon as the contract is done I'll be done with this type of business sense that Dish Network chooses to do. Any new... More...
    sbsaints's Picture   sbsaints    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did not qualify me though I have excellent credit score on all 3 credit reports

    I and my wife have been Dishnet customers for almost 20 years in Cupertino, CA. About 6-7 months ago, I started to remodel my house and moved to an apt. I canceled my dishnet account to save money. I got Comcast in the apt. A week ago I moved back to my apt and contacted Didh for installation. After asking me all the credit related questions, they told me that I do not qualify and I will have to buy the equipment, pay installation fee ( a total of $ 750 for the service). I usually keep my credit files locked and I had unlocked them for a week for them run the credit check. I also got... More...
    (Cable TV)
    spsharma's Picture   spsharma    0 Comments   Comments
  • liars

    I ordered dish and it was installed with a free I pad 2 and the hopper with the order or that's what I was told. Got it all installed and its been 13 days now and guess what called today because of an issue with the TV not working right and they said you don't get the I pad 2. What do you mean I don't get the I pad well the person who took your order did not fill out the paperwork so to bad for you. I now have a service that tiles on my TV all the time and for 50.00 dollars they will send someone out to see what the problem is, no I pad 2 like I was told and that is what the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    wrongway2's Picture   wrongway2    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dish makes you pay for cancellation fee when they can't provide.

    My wife and I signed up for dish at our first apartment complex when we first got married because they had a special deal with our complex, a year later we moved from Florida to Mississippi for a job and they were unable to provide service because of large trees located in the back yard of the house we were renting. The Dish technician told us there was nothing he could do and put us on the line to cancel the service. IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT THAT THE SERVICE DIDNT WORK IT WAS DISH'S. Yet they still made us pay a cancelation fee of over $300. Even the Dish TECH said it was unfair and crazy... More...
    (Cable TV)
    sdarmstrong89's Picture   sdarmstrong89    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fleece the poor and get Rich!

    Cancelled dish due to financial constraints. Dish deducts $210.00 for early cancellation. I call and plead with them to reimburse the amount as I had to pay for my child's college application with Nov 30th being the last day. But to no avail. It was like talking to robots. They have no emotions, can't think outside the box. Just repeat and re-repeat the same dialogues they have to been told at the orientation and training. So sad! This is corporate America, creating a populations of dummies to say and rules and regulations set forth by them so they can get rich!. Pathetic. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Inair's Picture   Inair    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer experience

    I am a former dish network customer and would like to state how unsatisfactory your company's customer service is. I have been lied to be numerous representatives, all who in fact are from the Philippines. It is unsettling to deal with a company who so freely condoned such actions such as lying to a customer. I will be informing everyone I know how unsatisfactory dealing with dish network is. And how this company doesn't even try to make their customers satisfied with choosing dish, especially after such a blatant disregard for the people they are serving. More...
    kdundon86's Picture   kdundon86    0 Comments   Comments
  • Moving result

    DO NOT GIVE DISH NETWORK YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!!!! We are moving to another apartment complex in the beginning of the month. We have dish network for our service at the old apartment. So we contacted dish to cancel our service. After talking to one of their representative name John. Claimed, his employee number was BV6. He kept us on the phone for hours stating that, Dish can transfer service to the new apartment. We TRIED to tell him the apartment that we are renting to be.. gave us a list of company that we can ONLY get certain services for, in that area. John told us that we should look... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Shawty's Picture   Shawty    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network sucks!

    I had Dish Network installed 3 weeks ago. Firstly I have to cancel the service due to myself being relocated to South Africa. Stupid idiots I spoke with could hardly speak English, and after trying to tell the same person its a different country I am moving to, he still proceed to ask me to transfer the service to where I am moving too :))) After asking to speak to a supervisor and holding for 20 minutes, he informed me that I need to transfer the service to a family member or have the new tenants take over the contract. Well being from South Africa and not knowing if I will be residing... More...
    (Cable TV)
    natashaste70's Picture   natashaste70    0 Comments   Comments
  • DISH network internet service sucks

    Believing that we couldn't get cable at our location, we opted for DISH service for TV and internet. The way in which they sell internet service is ridiculous. Our GB allowance was split 50-50 between "anytime" hours and "off-peak" hours (2AM-8AM). Who the hell is up at that time of day other than people who work 3rd shift? As our GB allowance got low, we began monitoring our usage, and there are accurate applications for that very purpose. We used one called SurplusMeter which shows the data stream in real time; download, upload and total. Believe it or not,... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    RMF1949's Picture   RMF1949    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Unhappy New Dish Network Customer I just switched from Directv to Dish and realized that I should have never switched. Dish network%u2019s services are not up-to-date as Directv services. The picture images are poor and lack HD quality. Recording (DVR) is not as advanced as Directv (can%u2019t change channels at the same tiem while you%u2019re recording). After only 7 days of having Dish Network, I couldn%u2019t get out of the 2-yr contract. Would have to pay $420 if I did. Don%u2019t make the exact same mistake that I did because then you will be as I am%u2026.. A very DISAPPOINTED new... More...
    kokanee58's Picture   kokanee58    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dish internet

    Dish network, I can't be more disappointed the claim of bundling internet is such a scam if you are even considering getting dish internet please reconsider. It is similar to that of a cell plan monitoring usage and only allowing a certain amount then cutting off internet once you have gone over that amount. Why would I get the hopper etc if I can only stream like a movie a month. As a young professional I can't express my disgust with them as soon as I am able I plan to pay full amount to get out of my contract with them cancel all services and make sure that my friends family... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Charging unnecessary fees

    My 97 years old, WWII veteran father is a faithful customer of Dish for at least 20 years. Bills have always been paid IN FULL, Ahead of Time. In early 2013 both boxes quit working. Two boxes were sent, but I spent three hours with India, North Carolina, and Arizona trying to get them to work. Arizona finally got them working and offered six months free Cinemax and Starz. For two months they were free. Then they started charging $13.00. I called the 800 number and the guy told me to deduct the amount, and just pay the normal monthly rate, as he agreed we should not be charged $13.00. I paid... More...
    mickeyshouse's Picture   mickeyshouse    0 Comments   Comments
  • Double billed credit card

    On April 21, 2013 Dish double billed my credit card which was set-up for auto pay on an AMEX card. AMEX caught this, contacted me and indicated they would send DISH a merchant inquiry. DISH never responded so in July AMEX billed back DISH automatically. In the meantime DISH apparently discovered their FRAUDULENT billing and credited my account in late May. So when AMEX billed back DISH, DISH suspends and subsequently cancels my account. They send me their boxes for equipment which I returned and then bill me for another $200 for cancellation fees. Here is the kicker. I tried to... More...
    bglynn's Picture   bglynn    0 Comments   Comments

    I am completely disguested with dish network customer service. I work as a CSR and I know what a company is able to do and what they arent. This company is all about taking money from you. They try to be sly with it and discrete. The first time i was charged 30 bucks for a surge protector that i NEVER saw or purchased from the technician. The second time they gave me free channels and i called to cancel them after 3 months, (OR THEY WILL CHARGE YOU), and when i called to cancel the channels, the csr asked if i would like to keep any of the channels, i told him MAYBE HBO BUT I WILL CALL... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Kelseyjh08's Picture   Kelseyjh08    0 Comments   Comments
  • Needs to do better

    Phone service is just horrible. No management team. CS rep sounds confused, places you on long holding periods(play stalling games) . You can hear staff laughing in the background while CS Rep is talking, I could not hear what this CS rep was saying and her English is still in process. It just makes it a bad phone experience. I can clearly say this I have never experienced such poor communication rapport. I have learned my lesson from this and will not use nor recommend this to noone. Its just sad!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Andriahl02za's Picture   Andriahl02za    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Net scam

    I bought dish net not even a month ago and the entire time I was setting it up everyone said I was getting 10mbps, which I specifically asked for about 20 times while on the phone, it then took them 2 weeks to get it installed and even the installer said I was getting 10mbps, once set up I ran some speed tests and got .69mbps download and .1mbps upload which is god aweful. So I called dish and they said that they would help me fix my "5mbps" net......and when I told them I had 10mbps they said it would be another $10 a month for 10mbps. They scammed me, now when I go to cancel... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    btolle's Picture   btolle    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst internet in the world!

    so we switched from comcast to dish, at first dishnet was getting 14 MBPS but then it dropped to 0.01! i couldn't do anything! i'm keep getting dosconnected, i couldn't do anything online, couldn't talk on sky, can't watch youtube, i never seen internet this slow before, at 1AM PDT till 9AM PDT is at its peek at 10 to 20 MBPS, i need to get stuff done! i don't want to stay awake till sunrise, i have sleep depervation now! THANKS TO DISHNET! More...
  • Dish Network Lied To Me, And Have Not Answered 1 Email from Me in 3 Months

    When I first signed up there was a website I was looking at that would give you an ipad 2 or a $200 gift card if you signed up through them. The sales rep on the phone told me it was near impossible to qualify for this. He told me to look at the bottom of the webpage (I wasn't near a computer while on the phone with him), and I would see levels of qualification. He said my credit wouldn't qualify. I told him I wanted to wait to get home to look at the site, and he said if I disconnected with him they would have to run my credit all over again. He continued to tell me I... More...
    pattonfever's Picture   pattonfever    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lied to about time of hook up

    Called dish network to sign up for one of their promotional packages on 8/30/13 and was told that they would be out on 9/2/13 between 8-12. My husband called me at work at 1230 and stated that they weren't here yet. I got home from work and still not here at 4pm. I called them and they said we don't have you scheduled until 9/4/13. I told them that I knew it was today and they kept arguing with me. I finally said I want to talk to your supervisor and she said to me why do you want to talk to a supervisor and I told them so I can make a formal complaint before I cancel and they... More...
    adams82's Picture   adams82    0 Comments   Comments
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