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Dish Network Reviews

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  • Final reminder to recharge your Dish TV account OR return the Dish TV equipment

    Sub: Final reminder to recharge your Dish TV account OR return the Dish TV equipment STB Number: XXXXXX Dear Sir / Madam, This has reference to your Dish TV account which is lying suspended .Further to the repeated reminders sent to you, as a final reminder, we request you to kindly recharge your account immediately and enjoy uninterrupted services from Dish TV. Please call us on 08041486020 or 9035551777 any assistance required on the same. If you wish to discontinue our services, we request you to return the Set Top Box, Dish to us in accordance with the terms and conditions of... More...
    Srinivas's Picture   Srinivas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish unlocks and reprograms my reciever

    after talking with dish again we are about to stop their service. We come home and the company has unlocked the channels that we have programed locked and hidden. Now as far as I can see the receiver is in my house and I pay the bill each month so if I lock out channels that I don't want to see what right do they have unlocking them. This sounds like a job for a lawyer!!! What is next are they going to unlock the porn channels so my grand kids can watch them also? So lets see what they have to say about this on the internet. More...
    Collings's Picture   Collings    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Has Owed Us $40 For Over 5 Mos.

    Dish who we had for over 18 years and had to go to another service when we moved and Dishes weren't allowed has owed us $40 for over 5 mos. and they have sent out checks to the wrong address when they new the correct new address and other issues. Every time they reissue a check it takes another 3-5 weeks to potentially receive. The last one was issued on 2/19 and they state it takes 2-3 weeks for it to go out. Today is 3/20 and I still don't have. All they want to do is research and start the whole process over again so maybe in 4 more weeks I will receive a check and if... More...
    ML11's Picture   ML11    0 Comments   Comments

    i decided that for my uncles birthday, I would start him off with a sports package with a cable network. Comcast was a no go due to the previous resident having a bill owed. direct tv was a no go due to his credit. so i did some research (not enough apparently) and we found Dish. him myself and a agent from dish agreed on cable services for 4 tvs 2 are hd ,sports package with movie channels & internet for a bill total of $67.83 a month & a $120.03 activation fee which was wonderful. with my uncle not having a debit/credit card i made the suggestion to have it withdrawn... More...
    (Cable TV)
    kaykay01's Picture   kaykay01    2 Comments   Comments
  • get 100 debit card offer

    In nov. 2014 i signed up with dish network with the 0ffer of a debit card of $100. starting in dec 2014 i started going on line to find out how to get said debit card. I have been getting the run around ever since. i was told that there was not such offer, than told i needed to go to another site, then another, and another, then given phone numbers to call, then told to call another number and so on. what a farce!!!!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    johnallenk's Picture   johnallenk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest selling tactics

    Dish network doesn't honor offers made. When they lost contract with Foxs new I switched to directv when I called to cancel services with Dish they offered me 300.00 gift card then $500.00 gift which it would cost to cancel directv. I told them I would think about it I decided to stay with Directv so called again to cancel this time I was offered $700.00. My bill for dish was due the next day so I asked if I cancelled and then changed my mind I'd the offer would still be good. She said yes so two days later I called and said I would take the offer of 700.00. They then said the... More...
    Jpbkte's Picture   Jpbkte    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulent Activity - 9601 S. Meridian Blvd. Englewood, CO 80112

    After I drove and I arrived at PG Plaza Mall yesterday, February 12, 2015, to pick up my sons' Nike boots, I received an email message on my Blackberry phone @ 6:45pm from DISH Network, thanking me for my recent payment of $ 395.87. I was flabbergasted after receiving this email because I didn't contact DISH Network and didn't make this payment. I immediately called the DISH representative and explained to him 6 times that I've driven to this mall and didn't make this payment. There is a fraudulent activity within your company because I was driving and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cbjohnsonsr's Picture   cbjohnsonsr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network deceived and lied

    We had AT&T U-verse and they were no longer willing to keep our rate low after five years. I called Dish (and others), and each time was asked, "What channels do you watch"? I had a list of channels because I gave it to the other companies I was also shopping. Top of the list was The Lakers channel on Time Warner (had it with AT&T). After I told Albert the channels, he said, "Okay, that's no problem," and proceeded to give me the deal. The other feature I liked was Dish advertises the largest hard drive (2TB), which our large family needed. During the... More...
    dishdeceived's Picture   dishdeceived    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Complaint

    I had Dish TV installed in May 2014 and signed a 2 year contract. They service is terrible. Everytime it rains the service goes out. Even just a drizzel and the service goes out. Kids can't watch TV when it's raining (call me crazy but that seems to be the time they should watch TV). I called Dish and they said that is normal and their is nothing they could do about it. So I made the decision to go with AT&T since they now offer fiber service now in my neighborhood. I canceled Dish. Now I have to pay a Termination fee of $300 because I signed a contract. I feel that... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Rsanguinetti8's Picture   Rsanguinetti8    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network Trying to charge for early disconnect they promised to waive.

    DISH NETWORK TRYING TO CHARGE ME FOR SOMETHING NOT OWED. I got a shock this morning when my credit monitoring service notified me that I had changes to my credit file. It was a collection agency. I had to go online to get a contact number and when called, they told me it was DISH NETWORK. I have not had service with them for three years. They are trying to charge me $104.15 cent for early termination fees. I called DISH NETWORK about the bill. After being transferred three or four times, I spoke with ALEX FERRATT. He was in "THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT". It did not matter to him... More...
    DishisBS's Picture   DishisBS    1 Comments   Comments
  • FOX News

    Since Charlie's message never changes, I assume that negotiations to get FOX news back on the DISH channel lineup continue to be stalled with no hope of resolution at any time in the foreseeable future. Since FOX NEWS is my favorite channel, I am lost without it. Worse than that, we agreed to pay for a service that has been taken away with no offer of an adjustment to our bill. We would like to cancel DISH and go back to cable. Even though DISH is in breach of contract, will we be held responsible for paying out what's left of our two-year agreement? I'm sure this question... More...
    barbip44's Picture   barbip44    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extremely disappointed with DISH NETWORK!!!

    I have signed up with Dish a yr ago and it was the worst mistake I have done. Since the first day of installation till now, it has been a pain. We chose a program that had cartoons for our children. Upon installation, that program we chose did not have the cartoons and we had to go to the next package and pay more. I am having to call every month to find out how much I have to pay because the breakdown on the statements are always wrong and the amounts are different when I call in. On top of this we had cartoon network cancelled because of contract issues. My kids could not watch their... More...
    ramon809's Picture   ramon809    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network Bait and Switch

    On or abut 7/14/2014 I was advised by Ashly (employee #R9A) that I could pause the account on a vacation home each month for a fee of $5.62 plus tax plus the optional $8.00 equipment protection plan. My monthly bill should have been around $15.00. I have been charged additional fees each month that had not been explained to me by Ashly. My bill has been twice as high as Ashly had quoted. When I called DIsh Network to get them to honor the agreement I was told that they could not honor what Ashly had promised. I canceled my service the same day. More...
    LeakyWaders's Picture   LeakyWaders    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Negotiations

    As a past subsriber of Direct TV (12 years) I never lost the channels because of negotiation as I have with Dish. I switched approx four years ago and at this time I am very sorry I made the switch. At this time my patience has been exhausted waiting for your settlement with FOX. Monday 1-05-15, if we do not have FOX at that time, Direct TV will be coming back in this household and your equipment for our four TV's will be returned. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Eveready's Picture   Eveready    0 Comments   Comments
  • The worst service I've ever had.

    When I cancelled I expected to get early termination fees because I ddidn't want to finish my contract. But I was double charged 546$ for unreturned equipment that they had received but had not put in the system yet. Then I had to spend 2 week's calling them every day to get them to return the money. And now I was just charged the $280 eearly termination fee 3 months after my service was cancelled in September. But every single customer service rep I talked with is a complete idiot, and told me a different story. In the process of filing charges, Have a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cheyyeee's Picture   cheyyeee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extremely disappointed in dish blocking Fox news

    I just switched to Dish 3 months ago. I was a charter customer prior to the switch for 9 years. In the past 3 months CNN was blocked and now Fox!!! There are 3 channels that are musts for us... fox, CNN and CNBC... In the 9 years that we were charter customers we did not once had. To deal with blackouts like this... If fox is not turned on shortly, we will look at any opportunity to switch away from dish and will recommend to all of our friends to stay away from this service... More...
    Bedrosd1's Picture   Bedrosd1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sears Broken Washing Machine

    For the last several days we have had FOX news and its affiliated channels taken away. We just paid our $350.00 bill without greivance - however they are apparently not concerned that the customers who pay for their salaries are not receiving what they signed up for. I rely on Fox news for all of my news and feel incredibly cheated. Either credit your customers for the services they are no longer recieving or pay for them to move to DIRECT TV. This is simply put BAD BUSINESS. More...
    KEDeacon's Picture   KEDeacon    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been with Dish Network for many years as a loyal customer. I heard last week that Dish Network would be dropping the Fox News Network from it's programming. I call at that time and was told by the customer service agent that they would NOT be discontinuing Fox News. Imagine my surprise this morning when I discovered that Fox News was no longer available to me. Why would you tell a customer one thing and do another? I called to talk to someone again this morning after 20 minutes on hold, that person had to pass me onto someone else. I HAVE NOW SPENT A TOTAL 45 MINUTES ON HOLD.... More...
    MarianneVL's Picture   MarianneVL    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service and support

    OMG - just got off the phone with dish TV office of the president. I have never been told such bald - faced lies, and I mean out - right lies from a support resolution team. Despite faulty equipment, disrupted service, ineffective support technicians, and mishandled support calls, and now, lies about what the tech did when he was here, which was literally nothing (they said he found everything worked fine...the system was not even hooked and the message i left asking for next steps (they told me i said don't call me back just disconnect...) we just got held up for a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    katrjone's Picture   katrjone    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network billing and price increases

    We got dish network because it was suppose to be way cheaper than direct tv and cable. We later upgraded to the hopper because we wanted to hook up extra televisions. Our bill was suppose to be free for the first year and a set amount for the 2nd year. We later upgraded to the hopper which was suppose to be a 12 dollar a month upgrade for each hopper or 24 dollars total. Our bill has skyrocketed to over 200 dollars a month, not counting our phone bill which is part of the bundle. I have called in 3 times now and asked for a copy of my bill so i can see why i am being way overcharged... More...
  • dissatisfied they stole my equipment I purchased

    I have a paid bill in full as of the first of november the shut me off as of last Sunday for non payment they are in breach of a contract and they stole 3 dvr boxes they told me to return or my services would not be turned back on I owned the boxes the account shows they have customers purchased equipment but will not return the DVR boxes or the money for the amount of $405 for used dvr's Then the custemer service guy for dish told me he woul cut my head off if I called him again More...
    Syborg's Picture   Syborg    0 Comments   Comments
  • lExample: Sears broken washing machine

    Your customer rep are the rudest people I ever met all they do is yell at you and lie my wife called one day and she got yelled at I have been told lies after lies and I done playing the game the supervisor hang up on you they yell at you too they do not give the right information when we first signed up the guy told me 80.00 a month not over 100.00 my wife was right she said we should not do it even the tech guy could not get all of our stuff and we are paying for it still and yesterday one girl said we will give a box to you to put the hopper in and send it back I think it my hopper since... More...
    ironranger's Picture   ironranger    0 Comments   Comments
  • it's about time

    I'm currently still in my 2 year contract but it will be up in February and I will be going back to Comcast Cable TV because dish service isn't as good and my bill goes up nearly every month on top of that now they can't seem to negotiate with the providers to keep the channels that I pay for and has dish offered any lower costs absolutely not as matter of fact my costs went up again this month and I can find no way to contact an English speaking American representative to handle my problems or to ask for a lowering of my bill since 3 of our favorite channels are no longer... More...
    (Cable TV)
    billy01's Picture   billy01    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Agreement with CNN folks

    If you cannot come to an agreed settlement, as a long time customer I would expect your company to use the money you were paying to the CNN (Turner folks)to provide a similar programming option to me since I am still paying the same price for less programs, or if you don't do that much for your dedicated customers then lower my monthly bill accordingly,since you are not providing all the services I originally pay for each month, or get better negotiators. More...
  • Autopay to Dish Network

    In March 2014, I signed up with Dish. I was given the choice of auto pay or paper billing. I chose paper billing. I receive a notice stating that my service was going to be disconnected if I didn't pay my overdue bill. I emailed with a rep, they confirmed that my mailing address WAS correct, assured me I would get the bill in 7 to 10 days but to keep my service from being interrupted, I would have to pay the past due online, which I did. Two months later, I received another notification that if I didn't pay another past due payment my service would be interrupted....still no... More...
    catsshy2's Picture   catsshy2    2 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Customer for 5 years and had about all I can take.

    I called Dish network to upgrade my home equipment 4 times in the last 2 hours. If your a current customer you get non english speaking service, if you are a new customer you reach sally in texas! Imagine that, anyways I was given 3 totally different quotes for upgrading my hardware by 3 seperate service reps! I was told everything from $1 ti upgrade my Dvr system to $645.00... One rep says the installation is free with a 2 year agreement and the other rep says $100.. How do you run a huge corporation this way? zero standards zero guidelines.. I am simply one call away from joining my local... More...
    justnothing's Picture   justnothing    0 Comments   Comments
  • Early cancelation fee for their mistakes so took my money elsewhere!!

    I had dis set up service at my home. The technician did not properly install the cord in the ground, had it all over the place leading to my back door. Call less than 24hrs to see if they can send someone out. They were going to charge me, but ended up waiving it. Well when the guy came out he deny putting in the ground due to the snow told me to call when snow melt and he would do it himself. Well by the time the snow melt, my maintenance man ran over the cord and when I call the guy he said the grace period had ended. Never was told there was a grace period. Not to mention the 1st charge... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Notcostomer's Picture   Notcostomer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network bandwidth delivery

    Parents signed a contract for 10 gb of bandwidth. Service starts on 4th of month by the 12 of the month we received an email that 70% of it had been used up. My parents are in their late eighties and don't use the internet. Found out that 2 down loaded movies from dish used up almost all of the bandwidth. This is outrageous. Of course to get more bandwidth... to be able to use email, Dish wants more money. We have had several other problems with Dish, such as no service, their equipment not working, etc. When one calls Dish they just argue with you. They don't have customer... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Misrepresented their product to 80 yr. old

    My Mom wanted to change to dish because of an ad she read. She called them and set up a deal that had more channels, a dvr, and a $75 gift card. She told me about it and I called a local dish representative for her and got a deal more suited to her, It had 120 channels (More than enough) no dvr (she wouldn't use it) and a $50 gift card. Mom called the number I gave her to set it up. The guy who came out wanted to put the dish near the driveway where Mom thought it would be in the way of her driving. She told the man to come back after she got my brother to check the site. He... More...
    denimquilter's Picture   denimquilter    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network no way!!

    This company is crazy, I was lied to twice and the tech damaged my wall. I asked them to install an additional careful!!! According to them that will automatically restart your contract over, I specifically made it clear I didn't want my contract to start over and they said it wouldn't and found out 3 months later, it did start over and they would NOT help me and fix the issue. Im sure all cable companies have there issues but you can bet your but that I will not stay with Dish or use them ever again! More...
    (Cable TV)
    sweetlands33's Picture   sweetlands33    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish internet- FALSE advertising.

    I have been calling in for the last year seeing of dish offers internet in my area, since they dedicate a full commercial saying they offer it in "rural areas". I currently have Verizon for Internet, and they have been charging me $1,000 PER MONTH. I live in Junction City, OR. I just called in and they couldn't tell me a single thing about what their internet services might cost for when it is available. I spoke to 3 different people and apparently they can only give you any kind of ballpark price for their internet in scarce areas it is available. They claim to offer it in... More...
    Jonicarlsen47's Picture   Jonicarlsen47    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service, liars

    Well I've paid my bill on time for 6 months! It just so happened I tore my calf muscle and ended up off work for a month. So needless to say, my bill which is automatically deducted, didn't get paid due to no wages. I called to see what they could do for me, explained everything including telling them I've never missed a payment! So one person said they could turn it on for 59 bucks so I agree, but my card isn't working do I call the bank straightened it out and called back. The second girl says oh no problem we will turn it back on now done you get paid Friday, and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Tammydebar's Picture   Tammydebar    0 Comments   Comments
  • dish networks is a complete scam

    Never in my life have I had such a bad experience with a company. First things first. When i first moved into my place Dish happened to be the first company I called, they told me that where I lived I couldn't have any other service provider than them. That they had made an agreement with that community. (that turned out to be a lie) So i said okay well ive never had dish before lets give it a try. I had told them that I would only be living there for one year and then at the end of my lease I called to cancel and then they told me that it would cost 300 to break the contract. IM like... More...
    (Cable TV)
    vwyber's Picture   vwyber    0 Comments   Comments
  • non working TV

    We've had dish for about 15 yrs now and while service has always been bad, now it's even worse. A couple of months ago our main TV started having problems. I contacted Dish twice and twice i was given to someone who couldn't speak English. I have a hearing problem so i have a phone that has close captioning and the close captioning operator couldn't under stand her either. I fianlly found a supposed Dish repair man and called him and he said something was wrong with receiver but i had to call dish. I called Dish again and got another non-english speaking person and after... More...
    Thays1's Picture   Thays1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Angry but sin not.

    It all started at 11:30 pm I was put on hold for one hour and 20 minutes I was hung up on so many times my debit card was charged 1 dollar without my consent customer service is rude as ever so I thought maybe I'll try at 9:00 am and bam still had bad experience this morning with some CORPORATE PLEASE PUT IN HIDDEN CAMERAS SO YOU CAN FIRE ALL THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE WHO'S NOT WORKING FOR YOU BUT FOR THEMSELVES I have "NO " intentions on ever ever ever getting dish back lords will. More...
  • Dish network Relocation experience

    very dissatisfied with the kind of service provided. Moved from Philadelphia to Los angeles, they offered free relocation of the service. The technician came and could not get sattelite signal, now they are not waiving my early termination fees of $320.00.had to sign uo with a subsidy/retailer of dish network named New Media West where i am paying more for everything. They just keep on transfering phone to one person to other. They then connected me to the presidents office where they also were not able to help. I will definitely not recommend them to any of my friends. I have a very good... More...
    shweta's Picture   shweta    2 Comments   Comments
  • Removal of equipment when discontinuing service

    Dish representatives will not remove the equipment from your property unless you ask it before canceling. Once they cancel, they just ignore you. The customer service representatives are rude. They treat you like trash after you cancel the service. I've canceled the service and asked what to do with equipment, they just asked me to send the remote controls and receivers. I thought they would take care of the dish antenna, but they didn't, now I'm gonna be charged $200 by the condo management to have it removed from their property. After 10 year of loyalty to Dish, this is... More...
    (Cable TV)
    anapeloso's Picture   anapeloso    0 Comments   Comments
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