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Dish Network Reviews

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  • Dish

    house burnt down in January 24, 2017. could dish loss and preventative department said I didn't have to pay for equipment. Last 2 months got a bill from them called them they put my service on hold for 9 months. Now I get a bill for April through May for 181$ for service which I do not have service. Talk to this company still billing me. This is fraud charging me for April and May when service ended in January 25.2017. Have an email from them stating on 9 months pause. Then said I balance a check last month . Which I only paid by debit card talk to my credit union . They said that... More...
    (Cable TV)
    boogerlou's Picture   boogerlou    0 Comments   Comments
  • Was told one thing and then couldn't back it

    I called Dish Network to get my promotion. When I called at first I was told I would get 15 dollars off my bill for the next two years on a price lock. Then I was told if I do auto pay I would get another 5 bucks off. I thought I already do this, why not get the extra discount. Well my phone hung up on them and I called back and the next person I talked to I explained what I was told. They could not give me what the first guy told me. They could only give me the 15 dollars off. I am so tired of companies telling you one thing and then not giving it to you. I let a manager hear about it but... More...
    zachmallory15's Picture   zachmallory15    0 Comments   Comments

    Within the 15 minutes of the install I wanted the service cancelled. I called within 15 minutes of install to cancel service but agreed to let them TRY to fix the problem. Within 7 hours of the install I wanted the service cancelled again. I was transferred to the President's office where SONYA informed me there was NO 24 hour money back gauranty. From the time of install I was locked into a TWO YEAR CONTRACT with a $480.00 cutoff charge. Within two weeks of install I had to call for service for a BAD HDMI cable. I will be charged $15.00 for this service call even though it was THEIR... More...
    (Cable TV)
    pdragon17's Picture   pdragon17    0 Comments   Comments
  • increased amount charged after quoted

    I contacted dish network middle of September 2016 I was going to switch to the flex plan but then a customer service lady stated I could renew my same package I currently have for a set fee for a new 2 year renewal. The amount would be saving me $20.00 a month even after the taxes and HD receiver fee so I accepted the offer. Upon accepting the offer I received an email for my bill 3 weeks later online and it was showing $10.00 more a month even after the quoted amount 3 weeks earlier when I accepted the offer. I called right away and was then told a different amount again, this was the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    beachlvr's Picture   beachlvr    0 Comments   Comments
  • DISH blocked local channels

    DISH is losing customer trust. When removing a channel and offering money rebates to those that complain, it shows a lack of organization, DISH should offer uniform rebates to ALL customers affected by blocked channels. In addition, one of the worst PR moves by DISH is to broadcast political spins about their side of negotiations on blocked channels. Anyone with a brain knows there are two sides in negotiations, and at least two parties at fault. These broadcasts do the exact opposite from what DISH executives want - public patience. DISH customers get angrier seeing the taped spin... More...
    soub7's Picture   soub7    4 Comments   Comments
  • unhappy

    First off i only had dish for 12 days and everytime the wind blows sideways my cable goes out . The sky changes colors and it goes out. I made the worst decision of my life choosing this company. I tried to get rid of them but they told me that i have to pay 500 dollars for early termination on the contract. U know whats funny they said i went through a third party and they dont know that he has been at my house more then once but they have the contract that i signed. This is the worst company i have ever dealt with and they can count on after my 2 years are up they will lose a customer.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    lsarver's Picture   lsarver    2 Comments   Comments
  • Dish customer service sucks.

    Call the wonderful customer service line. Couldnt answer my questions. Asked to speak to a supervisor a few times. Was tould they are busy. But when I said I want to cancel my account when I wont have any charges. They got a supervisor on the phone. To late by then dish. You should have gotten the supervisor the first time I asked. Not after I wanted to k ow when I could cancel my account. Dtv here I come. More...
    gooey1119's Picture   gooey1119    0 Comments   Comments

    When will this squabble with CBS be settled?? This is totally unprofessional to squabble over this issue again. This is the second time you have blocked us from viewing FOX !!! We want our CBS & FOX BACK AN NOW !!!!!!! We are in the process of finding another provider because we are very upset with you that you DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR VIEWERS. We use to watch over 90% of the programming on our local CBS station and now are being forced to switch service with DISH !! This is childish of you to do this for a second time. WHAT CHANNELS WILL YOU BE BLOCKING NEXT ??? More...
    (Cable TV)
    charlie1169's Picture   charlie1169    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Service- Rude Customer Service

    I have been with Dish network 5 years. I have had nothing but issues with this company.The whole time. My bill is constantly going up EVERY couple months. I am currently at $108.00. I called on June 30th, 2015; due to the company I work for Dish s a discount for Dish for being an employee where I work. I got in contact with a customer service rep that had by far any idea how customer service works. They were unaware of any discounts being offered. Needless to say 3 of my coworkers actually have DIRECT TV and had no issue receiving a discount: $34.00. I informed the customer service rep and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    shay6389's Picture   shay6389    0 Comments   Comments
  • Allowing unsrupulous companies to act as your sales agent

    Sirion Enterprises is misrepresenting Dish and in turn giving Dish an unwanted bad image. As they are acting as your agent, the contracts we sign with them should be honored by Dish. I was quoted a 12 month fee of $54.00 per month with the additional 12 months of approx. an additional $12 per month. Dish should proudly honor that agreement. Sirion, In addition to misquoting me, The installing Tech left my home without proper cleanup. I was also told that they would cancel my contract with Direct TV. They did not. Phone calls to Sirion are answered by a recorded message saying they would... More...
    TrippyJr's Picture   TrippyJr    0 Comments   Comments
  • dish network

    I had a leak from dish satellite on my roof Alex jones treated my husband and I so rude and we asked for report why they were not going fix it he said no been a customer for over 11 years never never have I had some one treat us the way he did don't know why he still has a job at dish due to the way he spoke to me enough were I was crying we will be going to a new company sorry dish network but if that's the way u treat ur long time customers we want no part of that life to short for a person to be so rude and ugly I thought we were the customers More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Fired quadripalegic for smoking cannabis

    I find it reprehensible that you terminated this man for doing something I the privacy of his own home. We are not pot smokers, but I have researched this, and cannabis is by far the best and safest medicine for seizures of any kind. Relatively no side effects, except for sleep and hunger. We were actually going to switch to Dish from directv, but you can forget about that, you people are reprehensible, why don't you go out and abuse some animals while you're at it. More...
    Tim6549's Picture   Tim6549    0 Comments   Comments

    (Cable TV)
    59412's Picture   59412    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network sent my order to the wrong address twice

    On Monday May 10th I contacted Dish to order a replacement for a remote. I had an extensive conversation on chat trying to sort out several issues. Because of the fact that our main service is at our home we also have service at the campground where we go during the summer. I made sure that they understood this and requested that the remote be sent to our home address. They assured me that it would be. When I tracked the package to see when it would be delivered I saw that it was returned to Dish because of an improper address. I then again contacted Dish via chat and tried to resolve the... More...
    brenner465's Picture   brenner465    0 Comments   Comments
  • Inaccurate Information and Poor Service

    The DISH receiver at my summer home became obsolete during the winter months and DISH network contacted me repeatedly about that. Each time I explained that it was a summer home and I was told to call 3 days before arrival and a technician would come out and replace it. I did exactly that. Now I am told that a technician is not required and UPS will ship the receiver in 7-10 days. Since I will be there this weekend and not back for one month, I asked if the receiver could be shipped to another location so it wouldn't sit on the porch for one month. They said it was too late to... More...
    ppalser's Picture   ppalser    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refused Service Due to Someone else's bill

    I called to get installation in my home and after running my credit twice was told that because someone else owes them from my address I am not allowed to get service unless either I pay the bill or find out who the person was. I think it is ridiculous that after tellling me the first time I could and in the end refusing because of some else's bill I will never get dish. I can't believe they would force you to pay some else's bill. More...
    (Cable TV)
    toriasmom5's Picture   toriasmom5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Theft

    So I had Dish Network when I lived in Upstate NY, 1st of all anytime it rained or snowed I lost connection. Either my wife or I would have to go out periodically and brush the snow off the dish (not only an inconvenience but could also be dangerous). Any time I had a question there customer service would have no idea what to do so I just bounced around from manager to manager (oh let me get my supervisor) was always the answer. That all sounds awful enough but the worst is yet to come... over a year after I cancelled my service. So after almost 2 years of dealing with dish (because you... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jburnham89's Picture   jburnham89    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest customer service with deceitful practices

    I called in on April 13th 2015 to get an extension on my bill that was due April 15th. The rep I spoke with asked me how much time I needed and I said until the 29th. She assured me that the extension was granted and that's ervice would not be interupted. The morning of the 15 my service was interupted and I to make a second call. I spoke with Susie rep id#FTG and explained my frustration. She offered to change my program to a cheaper program which would reinstate my service. I explained to her that the program she offered did not include the channels I watch so I did not want... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Britbaker86's Picture   Britbaker86    0 Comments   Comments
  • Digital Reception Services/ Dish Network

    I have contacted Terri Voyles/ Risk Mgmt Admin, i have sent pictures and had 2 supervisors come by on two separate time to view damage. I have emailed her and talked with her over the phone and she says I have no proof of their company doing the $300 in damage to my ceiling. The technician on day of install, missed the wood 2x4 and stepped through ceiling. She is in denial and is not willing to pay for the damages, I think she believes I will "magically" go away!. NOT! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Orchidsnfl's Picture   Orchidsnfl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Final reminder to recharge your Dish TV account OR return the Dish TV equipment

    Sub: Final reminder to recharge your Dish TV account OR return the Dish TV equipment STB Number: XXXXXX Dear Sir / Madam, This has reference to your Dish TV account which is lying suspended .Further to the repeated reminders sent to you, as a final reminder, we request you to kindly recharge your account immediately and enjoy uninterrupted services from Dish TV. Please call us on 08041486020 or 9035551777 any assistance required on the same. If you wish to discontinue our services, we request you to return the Set Top Box, Dish to us in accordance with the terms and conditions of... More...
    Srinivas's Picture   Srinivas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish unlocks and reprograms my reciever

    after talking with dish again we are about to stop their service. We come home and the company has unlocked the channels that we have programed locked and hidden. Now as far as I can see the receiver is in my house and I pay the bill each month so if I lock out channels that I don't want to see what right do they have unlocking them. This sounds like a job for a lawyer!!! What is next are they going to unlock the porn channels so my grand kids can watch them also? So lets see what they have to say about this on the internet. More...
    Collings's Picture   Collings    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Has Owed Us $40 For Over 5 Mos.

    Dish who we had for over 18 years and had to go to another service when we moved and Dishes weren't allowed has owed us $40 for over 5 mos. and they have sent out checks to the wrong address when they new the correct new address and other issues. Every time they reissue a check it takes another 3-5 weeks to potentially receive. The last one was issued on 2/19 and they state it takes 2-3 weeks for it to go out. Today is 3/20 and I still don't have. All they want to do is research and start the whole process over again so maybe in 4 more weeks I will receive a check and if... More...
    ML11's Picture   ML11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I am trying to get my Granny's dish cancelled due to the fact that she can not get reception where the apt. complex rules of where it can be placed. She is 83 years old and lives in a retirement community. The early termination fee is is $160 which is ridiculous because she has no control over where she can have it put. All I want is for her not to be charged for something she has no control over and now Dish is charging her for the box to send the equipment back. Really!!! More...

    i decided that for my uncles birthday, I would start him off with a sports package with a cable network. Comcast was a no go due to the previous resident having a bill owed. direct tv was a no go due to his credit. so i did some research (not enough apparently) and we found Dish. him myself and a agent from dish agreed on cable services for 4 tvs 2 are hd ,sports package with movie channels & internet for a bill total of $67.83 a month & a $120.03 activation fee which was wonderful. with my uncle not having a debit/credit card i made the suggestion to have it withdrawn... More...
    (Cable TV)
    kaykay01's Picture   kaykay01    2 Comments   Comments
  • get 100 debit card offer

    In nov. 2014 i signed up with dish network with the 0ffer of a debit card of $100. starting in dec 2014 i started going on line to find out how to get said debit card. I have been getting the run around ever since. i was told that there was not such offer, than told i needed to go to another site, then another, and another, then given phone numbers to call, then told to call another number and so on. what a farce!!!!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    johnallenk's Picture   johnallenk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest selling tactics

    Dish network doesn't honor offers made. When they lost contract with Foxs new I switched to directv when I called to cancel services with Dish they offered me 300.00 gift card then $500.00 gift which it would cost to cancel directv. I told them I would think about it I decided to stay with Directv so called again to cancel this time I was offered $700.00. My bill for dish was due the next day so I asked if I cancelled and then changed my mind I'd the offer would still be good. She said yes so two days later I called and said I would take the offer of 700.00. They then said the... More...
    Jpbkte's Picture   Jpbkte    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraudulent Activity - 9601 S. Meridian Blvd. Englewood, CO 80112

    After I drove and I arrived at PG Plaza Mall yesterday, February 12, 2015, to pick up my sons' Nike boots, I received an email message on my Blackberry phone @ 6:45pm from DISH Network, thanking me for my recent payment of $ 395.87. I was flabbergasted after receiving this email because I didn't contact DISH Network and didn't make this payment. I immediately called the DISH representative and explained to him 6 times that I've driven to this mall and didn't make this payment. There is a fraudulent activity within your company because I was driving and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cbjohnsonsr's Picture   cbjohnsonsr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network deceived and lied

    We had AT&T U-verse and they were no longer willing to keep our rate low after five years. I called Dish (and others), and each time was asked, "What channels do you watch"? I had a list of channels because I gave it to the other companies I was also shopping. Top of the list was The Lakers channel on Time Warner (had it with AT&T). After I told Albert the channels, he said, "Okay, that's no problem," and proceeded to give me the deal. The other feature I liked was Dish advertises the largest hard drive (2TB), which our large family needed. During the... More...
    dishdeceived's Picture   dishdeceived    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Complaint

    I had Dish TV installed in May 2014 and signed a 2 year contract. They service is terrible. Everytime it rains the service goes out. Even just a drizzel and the service goes out. Kids can't watch TV when it's raining (call me crazy but that seems to be the time they should watch TV). I called Dish and they said that is normal and their is nothing they could do about it. So I made the decision to go with AT&T since they now offer fiber service now in my neighborhood. I canceled Dish. Now I have to pay a Termination fee of $300 because I signed a contract. I feel that... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Rsanguinetti8's Picture   Rsanguinetti8    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dish Network Trying to charge for early disconnect they promised to waive.

    DISH NETWORK TRYING TO CHARGE ME FOR SOMETHING NOT OWED. I got a shock this morning when my credit monitoring service notified me that I had changes to my credit file. It was a collection agency. I had to go online to get a contact number and when called, they told me it was DISH NETWORK. I have not had service with them for three years. They are trying to charge me $104.15 cent for early termination fees. I called DISH NETWORK about the bill. After being transferred three or four times, I spoke with ALEX FERRATT. He was in "THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT". It did not matter to him... More...
    DishisBS's Picture   DishisBS    1 Comments   Comments
  • New connection delivering

    COMING SOON! The Official ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Fantasy League is launching next week with exclusive %u202A#%u200Ecwc15%u202C prizes, stay tuned to for the latest. Tell us the top 3 players you'll be picking in your side!? Call us at 0332-2440748 Website: Email: Skype: arfeen.007 More...
    (Cable TV)
    dishtv123's Picture   dishtv123    0 Comments   Comments
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